VIVI ENTERPRISES INC. is the parent company of an international consortium established in 1964 with headquarters in New York. Its distribution offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Miami, USA, Bogota Colombia, Madrid Spain, Caracas Venezuela, Shanghai China and Taiwan.       

The KHASANA cosmetic line was created in Venezuela in 1964. It is manufactured in different countries with cutting edge technology and rigorous quality control procedures. It combines an excellent quality, elegant and stylish presentation with the newest fashions to enhance the beauty of the Latin and American Women.

Ever since KHASANA has been established, it has been innovating in a world of fashion and cosmetics. Nowadays KHASANA has become an international brand of vanguard and prestige.                                           

KHASANA has reached a frontrunner status with outstanding sales in many international markets. It has gained the preference of a constantly growing number of consumers.

The KHASANA prices are extremely competitive allowing significant profit margins for distributors and retailers as well as accessible prices for consumers.  


Khasana was an indigenous Venezuelan Princess of magnificent beauty. Khasana was the result of her birth parents… a Spanish Conqueror and an exotic Venezuelan aborigine Princess.

The legend tells us that her mother, named Khastxuc, was an exuberant and attractive woman. Khastxuc was the favorite wife of the chief of a tribe, at war with the Spanish conquerors. Her father was a prisoner being held captive by the tribe. He was a strikingly handsome man called Anastasio. While in prison, they fell in love and escaped together. As a result of this union a beautiful girl was born, “Khasana”, which is a combination of both of her parents’ names.

When word of this love became known, the chief of the tribe sent his warriors to find them. Once discovered, they were placed in a stockade. The chief raised the newborn girl proclaiming her Princess.

Ever since a young age, Khasana loved to extract plants, flowers, and earth pigments, mixing them to create potions, and used them as makeup for her and the other Princesses. Khasana was and always will be remembered as a Princess of radiant, sensual, and exotic beauty.

Venezuela is a land of exotic tropical colors with beautiful, sensual, and attractive women. Venezuela is renowned as a country that showcased the world dozens of Beauty Queens in local and international pageants. It is in this country wherein 1964 the KHASANA cosmetics line was born, as a tribute to the exotic and sensual Venezuelan and Latin American women.

Ever since Khasana was established, they have specialized in developing colors, tones, and textures enhancing the complexion and skin of the Latin American woman. Furthermore, Khasana is continually engaged in developing new and innovative products for the cosmetic world. Today, Khasana has become an international brand of global recognition and prestige. 

Khasana has always been close to the Beauty Queens that continually distinguishes Venezuela as the country that has contributed an inordinate quantity of the most  beautiful women.