Khasana Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette #4 Extravaganza


  • TRENDY SHADES & ALL SKIN-TYPES: Enhance your eyes with Khasana’s eyeshadow palettes. It contains cool and warm pigments and tones with different textures: soft, smooth mattes, shimmering pressed pearl, and dazzling metallic shimmers. This richly toned palette features versatile shades that can be blended and layered to create a variety of looks with a foil and shimmer finish: subtle and natural, dramatic, endless, bold and bright looks. It is available in 4 combinations of 8 colors. Suitable for all skin tones and types. Recommended for the day-to-day of professional or beginner makeup artists, who can perform makeup for weddings, parties or informal makeup.
  • HIGH PIGMENT – LONG LASTING: Smooth and pigmented creamy powder, blends with any skin tone to make makeup appear brighter. The magnificent pigment and smooth dispersion make it easy to blend. For a better look and a long-lasting effect, you can use the eyeshadow primer or concealer before applying the eyeshadow. Khasana Eyeshadow Palette is waterproof and long-lasting, so you can keep your stunning eye makeup on all day and it won’t fall off.
  • EASY TO USE: Create the most fascinating look. These eyeshadow palette makeups can be used to shade, highlight, and define the eyes, brows, and contours of the face. Each color is strongly pigmented and applies smoothly. The colors blend well while staying great on their own. The soft powder strongly adheres to the eye shadow makeup brush. You can also easily blend well with your finger.
  • PERFECT GIFT: The ideal gift on any occasion (birthdays, bridal showers, Mother’s Day, Christmas), perfect combination of high quality at the best price.
  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE: We are proud that our products have been created from start to finish without harming any animals.

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Khasana Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette is the right eyeshadow shade to enhance your look.

These Matte and Shimmers makeup palettes are richly toned, each featuring versatile shades that can be layered in endless ways to create a wide range of looks, such as: subtle and natural, dramatic, bold and bright looks.

Choose your suitable tone among the various combinations.

Blue eyes: orange, terracotta and bronze to illuminate, while nude, ash and chocolate tones accentuate their clarity.

Green Eyes: Pale and natural mauve tones to illuminate.

Gray eyes: a small shimmering effect will add depth and shine. Charcoal and silver tones are ideal.

Hazel Eyes: A simple layer of purple eyeshadow will accentuate these eyes.

Brown eyes: Most shades can be used as they are the most versatile eyes. Purple and plum tones are recommended.

Long-lasting eyeshadow palette makeup, fragrance-free silky powder to look stunningly beautiful all day.

Khasana Natural Beauty helps you create the look you want with our full line of makeup including foundations, concealers, highlighter makeup, brow pencils, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks… Highlights your natural beauty.

In addition, our products have the seal of being free of animal cruelty.


  • Start by applying a white powder to the entire area of the eyelids and the brow bone.
  • Then along the upper lash line and lids apply the matte purple shades.
  • Draw a relatively thin line along the lower lash line.
  • If you want to open the eye, use silver powder in the inner corner.

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