Khasana Professional Nail Strengthener with Proteins


  • REPAIRS AND NOURISHES: Proven formula that improves the texture of nails affected by chipping, flaking and cracking of the nails. Khasana Professional Nail Strengthener with Proteins repairs damaged nails that are weak, thin, soft and brittle. Special for nails damaged by gel and acrylic manicures that terribly dehydrate the nail.
  • STRENGTHENS AND PROTECTS: Long-lasting hardener designed to achieve maximum hardening action that makes nails grow longer, stronger and more hydrated. Khasana Nail Strengthener creates a hardening and protective layer to prevent breaking and defoliation of the nails while conditioning, strengthening and stimulating nail growth.
  • ANTI CRACKING: Super advanced Anti Cracking formula with a sophisticated protein complex that hydrates and strengthens dry nails, giving them flexibility. This hardener is free of DPB Dibutyl Pthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde.
  • KHASANA NAIL TREATMENTS: You can choose from our line of nail treatments, the products that best suit your needs to use them together or separately. Khasana Protective Nail Dryer Glossy Top Coat, Chemical Hardener and the Professional Nail Strengthener with Calcium, Garlic or Proteins.
  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE: We are proud that our products have been created from start to finish without harming any animals.

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Khasana Professional Nail Strengthener with Proteins repairs, strengthens and stimulates nail growth. This long-lasting nail hardener was formulated with a sophisticated protein complex that moisturizes and stregthens dry nails, giving flexibility.

Khasana nail treatments strengthen, protect enamel and restore the nail plate for a complete transition to a natural healthy state.

Ideal to use as a base before applying the color.

In addition, our products have the seal of being free of animal cruelty.

Please keep this product away from Heat and Flame.


Use as treatment:

  • Apply one coat daily.
  • Remove weekly.
  • Use for 2-4 weeks.

Use as base:

  • Apply one coat under lacquer as a base coat.
  • Ideal to be used as a base before the application of color.

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